Can bitcoins be lost and recovered?

Losing cryptocurrencies is possible, just as it is possible to lose gold, dollars, or euros stored digitally, such as on a credit card, bank account, or in the wallet of a payment intermediary such as PayPal.


In the case of cryptocurrencies, this happens most often when you also store a backup copy of your wallet (called seed) on the device you have your cryptocurrency wallet installed on (computer, phone, tablet). If you forget your password and you haven’t saved the seed before in other places (e.g. a piece of paper, a notebook, another computer, another tablet and phone) you can lose your cryptocurrencies forever. Cryptocurrency wallet password recovery is possible if you remember what the password might have looked like. How many characters did it have, could there be special characters or numbers? The more hints you remember, the higher the chance of cracking your password and recovering your cryptocurrencies.

You can also lose access to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through fraud, theft, and scams; exactly the same way it happens with traditional currencies. Most often, scammers will give you their wallet address asking you to send just bought bitcoins to it, promising you instant and crores of money. It also happens that you may lose access to your wallet due to poor security or malware installed on the device you have your cryptocurrency wallet on.

At Bitcan cryptocurrency exchange, we know the scale of the problem, which is why we have partnered with KeychainX, a company that specializes in recovering lost cryptocurrencies.

How to recover bitcoins?



If you have a drive, files or other helpful data, contact KeychainX. They are one of three companies in the world that specializes in recovering lost cryptocurrencies. They can help you when:

  • you forget your password/PIN for both your mobile and desktop wallet
  • your hardware (Trezor, Ledger) or software (application) wallet is damaged
  • you will lose data on your SSD/HDD hard drives
  • you send cryptocurrencies to the wrong wallet address (wrong chain, e.g. BCH to BTC address),
    someone steals your cryptocurrencies.

How can I contact KeychainX?

You can contact via email contact ([email protected]) or the form available on the KeychainX website. Once you send a message via email or form, an employee of KeychainX, will contact you immediately.

What information should I prepare?

Prepare data and all information related to the loss of bitcoin. The more data you have, the better. An employee of KeychainX will inform you directly about the data that is necessary.

How long does it take to recover cryptocurrencies?

The duration of cryptocurrency recovery, depends on many factors that apply to your situation. For this reason, the time range varies from 10 minutes to 4 months.

How much does it cost to recover cryptocurrencies?

KeychainX charges a fee on the recovered funds, and the amount depends on the value of the funds that are recoverable. The valuation is also done based on the complexity of the case and is individually presented to the client.

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